The Association was established in 2005 particularly to solidify and organise self-regulation in the structured investment products industry. One of the Association’s most important tasks continues to be promotion of the public image of the financial industry as regards structured investment products.

The Association represents its members and promotes their interests by submitting comments and statements in legislative and economic policy affairs and by liaising with various market participants, such as the Financial Supervisory Authority. Furthermore, the Association provides a framework for cooperation among its members within the scope of competition legislation. In order to fulfil its purpose, the Association may also pursue education, research and publication activities.

Structured investment products are a significant investment type for private and institutional investors.


The objective of the Association is to create an efficient and transparent market for structured investment products in Finland. Among other things, this means a clear description of risks, understandable investment solutions and transparent pricing.


The Association seeks to establish common market practices by means of self-regulation and by communicating information to market agents in order to increase openness and transparency in the market for structured investment products, and to have an active impact on regulative initiatives so as to create a neutral and sound operating environment for different investment products.